GOALS for 2017


  • Lose weight – I am done living a life finding it hard to even tie my shoes. I want to run without tiring myself to death. And sometimes, I want to look good wearing a fitted shirt. There are lots of things I know I can do more when I reached my body’s full potential. Yes, it feels great to eat once in a while and I won’t deprive myself of that happiness.
  • Career Growth – I want to step up my A game in this corporate world. I want to grow, to learn more and to expose myself to the learning outside my comfort zone. Being exposed to a more challenging role or position sounds fun.
  • Be Healthy – One of the steps in losing weight is not just to eat right but to live right as well. It’s about time that I should be mindful about the things I eat or drink. All of my efforts will be put to waste if I compromise my workout because of the things I eat.
  • Save – I want to achieve financial stability this year. Having the freedom from any debts and stress will create a new door for me to save more for my dreams. Also, I am looking forward in owning a business before I reach 30 and invest a part of what I have on insurance.
  • Travel – Bucketlist in the making. To be honest, I am looking forward to go to different places this year. It has been a while since I’m out and about. Planning to tour the country first before heading abroad again. I am overly excited about this.




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