Life Update: Totally Random

So I am currently at the office, working on a weekend. I am trying to catch a break right now since I have been working for almost 5hrs straight. My work is not really that stressful. In fact, the job that I have right now is the easiest as far as I can remember. (I can tell you about it some other time if you want).👍

January has been very overwhelming for me. So much has happened this past couple of weeks and I am really trying to let everything sink in. I have been going back and forth to the hospital due to being ill. First, I had a bad case of stomach flu. I was down for a day and I kept on running towards the toilet. Gaaah. The feeling of being tired and dehydrated sucks. 😥 Second instance was because of a pimple that grew inside my left nostril. I rushed to St. Lukes’ Urgent Care because it was so painful and inflamed. The left side of my face became numb and I was unable to talk clearly. The doctor told me that I should be admitted but I was too scared so I plead for oral medications instead. Right now, I am asked to take the meds for 2 weeks and I can’t wait until it’s over. (The meds are super pricey. *sidenote* 😿 HAHAHA)

Also, I want to congratulate myself for watching more movies this month.🎫 🎟 Weird right? Well, I have been stuck to watching series last year and I can’t even remember  most of the movies that I watched. I am done with all of the CSI installments therefore I am left with nothing to binge watch. The first movie I had this month was La La Land. Next was Passengers then Split. After Split, I learned that it was a “sequel” to a Bruce Willis’ movie, Unbreakable. I went ahead and check that one as well. And oh, I also had one animated movie done, Sing. I waited long enough for this movie and yes, it was worth it. 🐰🐨🐷🐓

Ever since I left my books in Baguio, I haven’t had the chance to go back to reading again. I am planning to finish at least 10 books this year. It’s not really that ambitious because last year, I have been reading a ton of books whenever, wherever. Books give me inspirations when blogging. Plus, my vocabulary became abundant with new highfalutin words.

Earlier, I was watching Xiaxue’s videos on Youtube. I mentioned her during my recent Favorites blog post. Lately, I am obsessed with her antics and she keeps me happy during dull times. So cool, lah?  🤣 🤣 🤣 Now, I am trying to file my Timesheet (an important task at work that is synonymous to salary. 💰 💳 ) while listening to a random Spotify album. I also have a pack of pretzels and a cold bottle of tea beside me. Even though lunch break just ended, I am starting to eat it now. 🐷 🐷 🐷 It is a shame that I have no self- control. HAHAHAHA.

Work will be over soon and I just can’t wait to go home. My flatmates and I are planning to have a simple dinner later. I don’t know the menu but I am positive that it’ll be awesome. 🐷 Good food plus great friends, what more can I ask for?

I know that this just a random blog post about my day but I am kind of enjoying it. By the way, today’s Chinese New Year. Have you already checked your fortune? Saw mine and I am positive that this year will be a good one.

Have a great day!




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