Living a Meaningful Life.




1. Ask yourself, what matters most to you?

2. Be courageous enough to live that life no matter how hard it is.

3. Be true to yourself. Never seek the approval of others otherwise you will never be happy.

4. Know your passion. Think of the things that gives you happiness and comfort. Indulge with it.

5. Open yourself to the possibility of learning new things. Explore and move outside your comfort zone. Try to reach the other end of the spectrum and balance your life.

6. Listen to yourself. Try to know what you really want to do and how you want to live your life.

7. Give your best in everything that you do. Develop your skills and acquire knowledge. There is always something new to learn.

8. Strive to make a great change to someone else’s life.

9. Failure is crucial to growth. Failing doesn’t mean you have to stop trying. Learn how to be open in dealing with failure.

10. Aim for a long lasting relationship. Sometimes we tend to forget connecting with others. We don’t want to end up being alone as we grow.




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