5 Most Important Life Choices

large.jpg photo from jesshka.tumblr.com
  • Be thankful

Even though it is not everyone’s natural disposition, learn how to be thankful for everything. Be thankful for all the good and the bad. It a process that we need to embody. But reminding yourself of how many things are there to be thankful for makes it worth it.

  • See the good (in everything)

If you choose to be optimistic about life, it will be easier for you to see the good things around you. Based from my own experience, seeing the good in everyone or everything made my life happier. Yes, we have the option to choose what to feel about certain situations, but choosing to feel better stands with choosing to see good.

  • Be courageous and to try something new

Courage is a habit of not being afraid and acting anyway. At some point in our life, we find it hard to explore what is outside our comfort zone because we are fearful of what is ahead. If we feel like we want to do something that we’re scared to do, our body then tells us not to. Step by step we must learn how to find a way to grow outside our boundaries. Focus on the reason why you want to stand up. Attend to positive signals and don’t get distracted to the negative ones. Find a role model or an inspiration that will give you positive reinforcements in discovering something new. Life a life without having a negativity bias.

  • Forgive, and to let go of the past

We have different heartaches from the past brought by someone we trust or love. We’ve been betrayed, neglected or even rejected. In reality, we can never avoid being hurt anytime. However, we can always choose how to respond to these situations. As we get older, society continuously deceives us that getting even will be the greatest revenge. But it clearly doesn’t line up with our morals. As you open yourself to forgiveness, you will learn that forgiving those who hurt you is a part of the healing process. You need to let go of your past in order for you to start something new. Forgiveness is not an overnight process. Remember that this is a choice we make for ourselves. Have the prerogative to grow from your pain because you deserve it. You deserve to be happy.

  • Move on, and to make the most of life.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experience”. Making the most of the life we live is a challenge that we face everyday. We tend to be comfortable of what we are doing right now that life becomes stagnant/ still. We forgot to grow and explore. When asked about our purpose, it becomes subjective and deep. It’s normal. It should be. However, we only live once. Everyone must seize the opportunity of living the life we always wanted. There are a lot of wonderful things pass our way every day. Get a grip of your life’s potential because you cannot put a good life on hold.




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