Bro-Ciety: The Art of Decoding the BRO CODE.

Here are some notes to remember when you want to join the Man club. Let us know how to be one of the boys and to start being one.



  • Develop awesome skills guys will totally appreciate.
  • Guys ideas may seem alien but give them a shot and you might have lots of fun.
  • Don’t break into song whenever you feel like it.
  • Fact: Boys are born with stomach-churning body odor triggered by sports, heat and nerves. Do your best to ignore it.
  • Resist the urge to organize their stuff, even if there’s plenty of time for you to clean up. Trust them. Their is an order in that chaos.
  • Learn to recognize a guy’s “top dog” status. Just play along up to a certain extent.
  • Guys can be guys when it comes to talking about their feelings.
  • Leave the Nancy Drew attitude to your girl squad. Guys have the intellectual capacity to answer only a handful of questions each day.
  • Respect the sanctity of “bro-hour”. When guys huddle and talk about sports, don’t take it personally.
  • If you’re taking a day or two away from the boys, drop them a line so they won’t wonder why you’re MIA.



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