What’s inside my everyday bag?

Hello everyone!

Let’s make today’s post one of my faves. To be honest, this topic is definitely one of my most watched videos on Youtube. I always find myself curious about knowing  what kind of stuff people carry inside their bags. Be it a backpack or a purse, there’s always something that will trigger my interest.

This is nothing new in my blog. Few months ago, I shared what’s inside my makeup bag. Today, let’s look into my everyday sling bag — the stuff I carry at work and when doing chores outside.


I have here a black sling bag with gold metallic details from Snidel. According to this website, the bag costs ¥ 3,780 ( ₱1746.42 or $34.20). But since I found mine at a random thrift shop in Baguio, a bargain was made.

Vertical: approximately 16.5cm
Wide: approximately 26cm
Gusset: approximately 8.5cm
Handle: approximately 25cm
Shoulder: approximately 102-114cm

No automatic alt text available.

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There’s nothing special inside this pocket except for my chili flakes. HAHAHA. What we have here are some ketchup sachets, spare change, a fan and the flakes. It’s evident that all the random stuff are in here.

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(First: Gum, Chocolate, Earphones, Aviators, Lip and Cheek tint, Gift checks, Cards, Pens and Hand Moisturizer.)

No automatic alt text available.

(Second: Tissue, Journal, Power bank, Compact mirror, Phone (not in the photo), Work badge, Comb, Charging cable, Menthol cone, Sticky notes, House keys.)

No automatic alt text available.




(Spare tissue packet, Hair ties, Bullet lipstick, Lip balm, Carabiner, Band-aids, Pantyliner.)

No automatic alt text available.


Even though my bag looks small, I can fit everything that I need inside. I’ve never needed more than this on my everyday shenanigans. It’s stylish and goes well with any outfit I chose. Also, it’s water resistant and easy to clean. This is perfect for someone like me.





2 thoughts on “What’s inside my everyday bag?

  1. Thrift shop finds are the best!! I love buying my purses at such a great price 🙂 I agree, ‘what’s in my bag’ videos and posts are always so much fun!! I think we all have a place in our bag/purse with extremely random things, haha; mine usually holds personal/makeup items, especially spare hair ties! Also your sticky notes are so cute! ❤

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