Budget Savers: Financial To-Do List

  Attending to your financial responsibilities and saving for the future doesn't have to be depriving yourself with all the fine things you deserve. Instead, it means taking a very wise step in securing your future financially. But, how? Below are some ideas from my own experiences regarding saving and aiming for financial security. Consider … Continue reading Budget Savers: Financial To-Do List


The BreakUp Series: Post BreakUp Interaction

  No matter how casual, clean, civil or mutual a breakup is, there is really no failsafe way to avoid any interaction with the ex you recently broke up with. So, for this "Break Up" Series, let me help you on to smoothly handle common but sticky scenarios you might be into and hopefully leave … Continue reading The BreakUp Series: Post BreakUp Interaction

Basic Guide: Shaping Your Brows

Your eyebrow shape cna change the way your entire face looks. The are a lot of ways to groom a girl's eyebrows. Nowadays, aside from the traditional tweezer trick, we have eyebrows tattoo, threading, microblading, waxing and trimming. It is frustrating to maintain your brows especially if you're a busy person but if you managed … Continue reading Basic Guide: Shaping Your Brows

WanderWoman: Sagada Ep. 1 (How To Get There)

Sagada is a small tranquil town from the Mountain province. Nestled in a cool and quiet valley, it is one of the most amazing places in the Philippines. This town is perfect for outdoors  and scenic fascination. Rich in cultural and natural heritage, this place is an escape from the city life. HOW TO GET … Continue reading WanderWoman: Sagada Ep. 1 (How To Get There)

The Housewife Apprentice: Fish Head In Tomato Broth

Kinamatisang isda (Fish head in tomato broth) is a one pot fish dish that is simple to prepare. I used the original Filipino recipe but added a little twist to make it more nutritious. Also, the soup base is perfect for gloomy weather. INGREDIENTS: Fish of choice 1 Napa cabbage 7 tomatoes (quartered) 1 medium … Continue reading The Housewife Apprentice: Fish Head In Tomato Broth

My Bed Weather Playlist | A Chill Mix

Hello guys, Just updated a playlist on my Spotify account. Sharing this one with you. It's a collection of new and old songs perfect for a gloomy weather or even just a laidback day.  I am currently listening to it right now as I'm making this blog. Visit my account for more playlists that I … Continue reading My Bed Weather Playlist | A Chill Mix

Happy Anniversary, my love!

"I wish I'd known you earlier, but I know God makes all the things beautiful in His time." Happy Anniversary to us again, my love. Thank you for allowing me to be me in a body full of flaws in the moning and night. For eating everything I cook even if it doesn't taste right. … Continue reading Happy Anniversary, my love!