Coffee Talk: Knowing The Traits Of An Organized Person.

  They don't cling on to stuff they don't need. It is easy for them to discard any clutter before it can pile up. There is always a designated place or home for everything. This will be easier for them to look for things. They are good in remembering appointments and important events by making … Continue reading Coffee Talk: Knowing The Traits Of An Organized Person.


Coffee Talk: Being with Mean People

Know to love and trust yourself. Never level yourself with mean people. Do not (in any way) treat them the way they treat you. It is important to keep your standards high because you know better. Avoid answering their calls or even respond to their messages. You don't need to include yourself in their plans. … Continue reading Coffee Talk: Being with Mean People

Coffee Talk: Maintaining Motivation

1. Make your goals realistic and attainable. There's no harm in dreaming big for as long as you're doing your best to make all of them achievable. 2. Learn how to reward yourself. It is more exciting to focus on success especially when you are looking forward to a special treat. 3. Never give up. Failing … Continue reading Coffee Talk: Maintaining Motivation

Coffee Talk: Fighting Inadequacy

Inadequacy is the root of low self-esteem. It is all about the standards and expectations we set for ourselves. We’re our worst critics. Other people don’t expect as much of us than we do of ourselves. It’s one big mind game. And to win over this game, I have some tips on how to outsmart yourself out … Continue reading Coffee Talk: Fighting Inadequacy

Coffee Talk: Improving Productivity

  Plan your day ahead. Make a to-do list about everything that needs to be done so you won't end up wasting time throughout the day. Categorize your tasks from the most important to least important.  NEVER multi-task. Ditch unimportant task. Don't procrastinate Cut off the distractions. Checking your phone or social media to name … Continue reading Coffee Talk: Improving Productivity

Coffee Talk: Procrastination

  Procrastination is an act where we delay something until we cram because the deadline is dangerously close to us. Some procrastinators enjoy this rush because somehow beating the deadline gives them a sense of adrenaline to get things done. You now have a body full of energy. Your focus is now undivided. And most … Continue reading Coffee Talk: Procrastination

Coffee Talk: Your Gems at Work

Below are some tips that you need to heed to achieve career growth.  Sustain yourself but don’t let your passion die.  Find the balance between being practical and finding your passion. You can pursue your passion while holding down a full-time job that pays the bills. If you have enough money and courage to pursue … Continue reading Coffee Talk: Your Gems at Work