Welcoming Independence

  Being independent isn't always about making money ---- altough that's certainly a part of it. Independence requires traits such as discipline, resourcefulness, determination and focus. Also, having the faith that things will work out coming together is a huge help. Hope this article will somehow provide you a quick lowdown on ways to fully … Continue reading Welcoming Independence


Small Things That You Can Do And Be Proud Of.

  One of the greatest source of motivation comes from within. You motivate yourself to accomplish something be it a short-term or a long-term goal. Most of the time we focus so much on big things that we tend to appreciate the small things we do. As much as we're proud of the great things, … Continue reading Small Things That You Can Do And Be Proud Of.

Things To Do This Month

Leave all the negativities behind. - Say goodbye to all the frustrations, disappointments and failures from last month. Give April the chance to give you a  fresh start. Embrace the new beginning and learn to live the life anew. Experiment with new style. - Try bold, colorful prints on a gloomy day. The weather is too blue and … Continue reading Things To Do This Month

“He has risen! He is not here.”—Mark 16:6 

The cross is not the end. Believing and following Jesus is not a dead-end. Today, Christ has risen from the dead. Jesus Christ conquered sin and death on the third day. And because he lives, we are confident to know Him shall live also. Jesus is forever. He is alive forever. We can feel his … Continue reading “He has risen! He is not here.”—Mark 16:6 

The BreakUp Series: Getting Over Him

We broke up. I'm happy. He's happy. We're friends but I can't over him. What should I do?   Every pain has it's own healing process. You should let yourself be aware to this fact especially now that you are dealing with a breakup. You don't need to rush and push yourself to move on. … Continue reading The BreakUp Series: Getting Over Him

Unspoken Rules Of Friendship

  BFFs tell it like it is. (Be honest with each other). Even the white lies that you tell to your friend can be very tricky. Don't be too comfortable using it just to protect your friendship. It is a no-brainer that trust and honesty go hand in hand. Always be there especially when things … Continue reading Unspoken Rules Of Friendship

The BreakUp Series: Post BreakUp Interaction

  No matter how casual, clean, civil or mutual a breakup is, there is really no failsafe way to avoid any interaction with the ex you recently broke up with. So, for this "Break Up" Series, let me help you on to smoothly handle common but sticky scenarios you might be into and hopefully leave … Continue reading The BreakUp Series: Post BreakUp Interaction