Current TV Show Favorites.

Since my work schedule is at night, I seldom find time to catch up on the latest shows here in the Philippines and abroad. I always find myself depending on Netflix and some suggestions from my colleagues. I am not into TV series before, but because of the need to relate with my friends, I was somehow forced to join the realm of binge watchers.

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Riverdale: Back when I was a kid,  I am really into Archie comics. I always make it a point that my dad would buy me a copy so I can read it before going to bed. When I heard about the series, I thought that the plot will be the same as the ones they have on the comics. However, it’s different.  Different but in a way that I love. My attachment for mystery and crime solving shows ignited. The whole season was like an episode of CSI.

13 Reasons Why: I am encouraging everyone to see this. The series mirrored the effects of teenage peer pressure and bullying. This is real and is happening everyday. I know the story is kind of sad and frustrating but at the same time, it educates people on how to handle such situation.

Game of Thrones: The very popular and most talked about HBO show nowadays. I am such an avid fan of this series. Everything is intense and unpredictable. The plot intensifies every season and it made my Monday worth looking forward to. Currently the show is now halfway through the 7th season. Winter is coming.

Lucifer: I know. I know. From the title itself, this series is raising eyebrows everywhere. But don’t get me wrong, the reason why I love this show is the fact that it deals with crime scene investigation. Yes. I guess you know by now how fascinated I am in solving mysteries. I love forensic science and this show hits me.




It’s been 8 months since we started 2017. Many things have changed by now. And even though I am not really a fan of this month, I am very much excited to share with you my goals in high hopes that I will accomplish everything until the 31st.

  • Visit my sister in Lucena for at least 2 days.
  • Explore Baguio more. (Try Yes Pho and Unlimited Samgyeopsal)
  • Read 2 books.
  • Create a very sensible Spotify Playlist.
  • Write blog articles scheduled until next month.
  • Try intermittent fasting recommended by Doc Thea.
  • Watch Bates’ Motel or Breaking Bad.
  • See at least one movie from the theaters.

I am looking forward in accomplishing these goals. What do you want to accomplish? Let me know.


Life Update: Totally Random 3

Hello friends!

How’s it been since my last ramble? It’s summer. The sun’s out and vacation season lingers the air. Sweet, right? Well as for me, things escalated in the blink of an eye. I’ve been traveling back and forth to Baguio, four times for the past 2 months. Paolo and I just reached our first anniversary. 👏🏻💋 We celebrated it few days earlier and it was totally unexpected. His parents dropped by at the office and asked me if I wanted to go to Baguio. Of course, I said yes. (no second thoughts needed) Joining the Sabs means free fare (that’s 500php off) and food overload. 😂😂😂 But honestly, Pawi’s parents’ are the best. They accepted me wholeheartedly and treated me well. We had dinner at Dad’s Buffet before heading north. So going back, Pawi and I roamed around Baguio for a day. It was a different experience since we were used to always travel by car. Walking around town was more exciting and enjoyable. I absorbed Baguio from a different perspective. Also, we had lunch at The Coffe Library. I’ve been craving for some Vietnamese cuisines lately and this hole in the wall took an excellent job in recreating some of my favorite dishes like phở and nem rán. 👍🍜 The second time I went to Baguio was late March until early April. Since a lot has been happening at the office, my vacation was moved. I spent most of my time staying at the cafe. If you happen to visit Baguio, you should try to munch at Sessions Gallery Cafe. I am highly-recommend this place especially if you’re looking for a restaurant with good food and homey ambiance. During my third visit, Pawi and I just stayed at home. We binge watch throughout my 2-day stay and no regrets whatsoever. And now, I am currently on my fourth vacay. Again, work sched has been pretty messed up lately. Early last week, we were told that we will be working on the upcoming Holy Week. I already prepared myself for this situation. However, when Monday came, our Director decided to give us a long weekend since our training will be on it’s way. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated what he did. It’s just that drastic changes like this stresses me out for unknown reason. So now, I have another 4 days to spend here.

Just like my first ramble, I have been active in watching movies and series lately. I’ve seen Beauty and the Best, John Wick: Chapter 2, Moana, Suicide Squad, The Matrix, Jumper, The Lake House, American Ultra and Constantine. I know some of the movies mentioned were old but it’s never too late to watch it, right? I’ve been obsessed with Keanu Reeves for a very long time so I decided to re-watch some of his film while working. To be honest, I work well when I watch something on the other monitor. Are you familiar with “Riverdale“? OMG! You should definitely check this new series. They’re on their 9th episode now for Season 1 and I would to say that it’s so freaking great. It’s a mixture of teen drama / mystery kind of series where all of the characters were based on Archie comics. To be honest, my original plasan was just to check out Cole Sprouse. He definitely Longbottomed big time since Zack and Cody days. He’s playing Jughead Jones III and he’s doing really great giving a hottie stigma to his character. Veronica Lodge is my favorite character by far. Her classy stance and bitchy attitude is a combo that I want for myself. hahaha. I am excited for Riverdale’s new episode. The plot thickens and it’s becoming more intense.

Currently, I am sitting on the canopy at Pawi’s work station. He’s meticulously building a new gunpla because he’s planning to showcase this on fair happening next month. I borrowed his laptop so I can work on a new article. So far, I am doing great scheduling some drafts and I am more productive this time compared to last month. Hopefully, I won’t jinx this one out and will continue to post a more substantial article. So let’s end this random post for now and will continue to chat with you next time. mwuuuahx



Life Update: Totally Random 2

Hi there! I just want to make a random post today because it’s my rest day. My friends are currently at work so the flat’s all mine. Haha. My body clock’s messing up with me today. Last night I slept early because I was too tired. However, I started my day by waking up at 6am. It’s kind of a buzz when it’s your off but you woke up early for no apparent reason. 😑 I’m still on my bed trying to figure out what to do.

Yesterday, Nawaf left for New York. We’ve been friends for a year now and it was sudden. Even though he had plans of leaving, things changed when Potus dropped an Executive Order about the Muslim Ban (including 7 Muslim countries). We thought that he’ll be leaving after 90 days. But thankfully, a judge temporarily lifted the ban and Nawaf managed to travel the soonest time possible. Earlier, he sent me a message via Facebook telling me that he’s in Detroit. His next flight will be in Scranton to visit a friend before settling down to NYC with his wife. Prior to have chika moments with Nawaf, I messaged Paolo because I didn’t notice that I fell asleep while talking to him last night. *insert facepalm* 😆😆😆
Yesterday was a mixture of a fun and tiring day at work. We are currently at our new nest just across the old one. It’s more spacious, colorful but a bit confusing. The building plan was like a maze and my first day was kind of a disaster. I got lost finding my way around the area. Hahaha. It was kinda stressful but we’ll get used to it. When I arrived at work yesterday, the system was down and we don’t have internet connection. The outage lasted for quite some time. Work should start at 6am but the issue was resolved at 10am. During our free time, my colleagues and I decided to lounge at the Game area couches. We share stories about celebrity gossips, solar panels and “aswang” encounters. Yeah, I know how random topics might be. Hahaha. But we had fun. Some of us were eating PB and bread and others drink coffee. Our laughters covered the entire floor so no dull moments shall interfere. Once the connection was up, everyone started doing our job. Free pizzas were given at the end of the day.🍕🍕🍕

By the way, February is just the same as last month when it comes to binge watching movies. I started the month by watching a Koreanovela called Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo. If you’re into Korean love stories, I suggest you watch this 16 episodes won’t harm you. *swaaaaaag* ❤❤❤ On my way to Lucena during my off last week, I got a hold on to two Filipino movies on the bus. One was the popular Aldub movie, Imagine You and Me. Next was Anne Curtis’ latest film Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend? (Why do all the handsome guys have boyfriend? 😱😱😱) To be honest, I am not into Filipino movies that much. I am very picky on what movie to watch. Also, I have to make sure that I read the reviews first or if the trailer tickles my interest. During my bus ride back to Manila, I came across the movie Nerve. Dave Franco caught my attention which became the reason why I stayed awake until the movie’s over. Right now, I am into Storage Wars re-runs. I’m almost done with season 2 and I like how they turn stuff into money. I think I have a growing fascination for thrift stores.

Last week, my childhood friend Mia and I decided to have dinner at BGC. The original plan was for us to meet-up at SM Aura after her shift. Since I am already free at 3pm, I stroll around HighStreet to kill time and wait for 6pm. I went to Typo first to check out some Instagram worthy stuff that I could buy then I went in to Fullybooked to read and unwind. I took a copy of a Michael Faudet (Lang Leav) book and read poems about love and inspiration. When it’s half past five, I decided to walk towards Aura which is just 5mins away. I told Mia that we should meet at Starbucks which is just beside the main entrance. When I arrived to the place, it was jampacked and there’s no chance that I can grab a seat asap. To avoid awkwardness of me standing blankly at the corner, I decided to go inside Forever 21. Surprisingly, it was a great decision. They were on SALE!! I saw a cute shirt perfect for my sister. I chose it because it was in good shape, has nice fabric and only at 129php. Thinking that the shirt was already discounted, I tried looking for more clothes with great deals. I ended up buying my sister 2 cropped tops, 1 shirt and a blue skater skirt. When I reached the counter, things started to go cray. The clothes I got for a bargain were still subjected to 30% off. I was totally shocked! Like whoa, wait. Am I dreaming or what? I got one cropped top for 50php after deducting 30%. All in all, just when I thought I got a good deal, it turned out great because I only paid 300php for all of it. After that rewarding shopping experience, I went out to check if Mia’s there. Luckily, she just arrived and was about to text me. We stroll around Aura while thinking of the perfect place to eat. After a while, we decided to go to Market Market. (A mall just across Aura) Again, just like my shopping experience, dinner at Market was a great deal. We both decided to have a buffet at Cabalen. For only 238php + 10service charge, you have the liberty to choose from their vast selections of Filipino food. They have salads, read meat dishes, chicken viands, fish and soups. The dessert table caters to fruits, rice cakes, chocolate fondue, halo-halo and leche flan. It was an extreme cheat day for the both of us and we made sure we taste all the food that we want while having an awesome catching up. Our dinner date ended at 10pm and we are both looking forward to the next one.

Currently, I’m still lying on my bed. The sun is up and I haven’t took my breakfast yet. I am feeling kinda lazy today though I have the urge of going to Divisoria to buy some stuff. Our masquerade party is tomorrow and I while perform Single Ladies with my colleagues. Hopefully we can pull this one off. For the meantime, let me roll back and forth on my bed while contemplating about my existence. Ahahahaha.

Until next time.


Life Update: Totally Random

So I am currently at the office, working on a weekend. I am trying to catch a break right now since I have been working for almost 5hrs straight. My work is not really that stressful. In fact, the job that I have right now is the easiest as far as I can remember. (I can tell you about it some other time if you want).👍

January has been very overwhelming for me. So much has happened this past couple of weeks and I am really trying to let everything sink in. I have been going back and forth to the hospital due to being ill. First, I had a bad case of stomach flu. I was down for a day and I kept on running towards the toilet. Gaaah. The feeling of being tired and dehydrated sucks. 😥 Second instance was because of a pimple that grew inside my left nostril. I rushed to St. Lukes’ Urgent Care because it was so painful and inflamed. The left side of my face became numb and I was unable to talk clearly. The doctor told me that I should be admitted but I was too scared so I plead for oral medications instead. Right now, I am asked to take the meds for 2 weeks and I can’t wait until it’s over. (The meds are super pricey. *sidenote* 😿 HAHAHA)

Also, I want to congratulate myself for watching more movies this month.🎫 🎟 Weird right? Well, I have been stuck to watching series last year and I can’t even remember  most of the movies that I watched. I am done with all of the CSI installments therefore I am left with nothing to binge watch. The first movie I had this month was La La Land. Next was Passengers then Split. After Split, I learned that it was a “sequel” to a Bruce Willis’ movie, Unbreakable. I went ahead and check that one as well. And oh, I also had one animated movie done, Sing. I waited long enough for this movie and yes, it was worth it. 🐰🐨🐷🐓

Ever since I left my books in Baguio, I haven’t had the chance to go back to reading again. I am planning to finish at least 10 books this year. It’s not really that ambitious because last year, I have been reading a ton of books whenever, wherever. Books give me inspirations when blogging. Plus, my vocabulary became abundant with new highfalutin words.

Earlier, I was watching Xiaxue’s videos on Youtube. I mentioned her during my recent Favorites blog post. Lately, I am obsessed with her antics and she keeps me happy during dull times. So cool, lah?  🤣 🤣 🤣 Now, I am trying to file my Timesheet (an important task at work that is synonymous to salary. 💰 💳 ) while listening to a random Spotify album. I also have a pack of pretzels and a cold bottle of tea beside me. Even though lunch break just ended, I am starting to eat it now. 🐷 🐷 🐷 It is a shame that I have no self- control. HAHAHAHA.

Work will be over soon and I just can’t wait to go home. My flatmates and I are planning to have a simple dinner later. I don’t know the menu but I am positive that it’ll be awesome. 🐷 Good food plus great friends, what more can I ask for?

I know that this just a random blog post about my day but I am kind of enjoying it. By the way, today’s Chinese New Year. Have you already checked your fortune? Saw mine and I am positive that this year will be a good one.

Have a great day!