PIG OUT: Vietnamese Street food


Aside from the different sights to see in Hanoi, I am excited to share my first hand experience on Vietnamese street food. From food carts to food bikes to vendors rolling out in droves, the choices of yummy food seem to be endless. My friend and I tried everything we saw on the streets. We had breads, noodles and different kinds of desserts. In between our stay, we also looked out for different cafés to enjoy their classic cà phê.

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Bánh mì  has become one of my go-to food while strolling around Vietnam. It is a full tasty bread meal consists toasted baguette, your choice of meat or tofu, fresh cilantro, sweet pickled carrots, daikon radish, sliced cucumbers and mayonnaise spread. Customers can also request for jalapenos. Every serving of bánh mì looks like a classic order of Subway.



One day, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and my vertigo was killing me. Since I was feeling under the weather, my friend and I agreed to have noodles for brunch. In Vietnam. Phở is the most famous rice noodle soup you could ever find. Each bowl is made out of homemade rice noodles, beef stock, beef cuts, spring onions, onions and cilantro. The server will also give you limes, chili, mint and bean sprouts to add on the soup. I may not know a lot about Vietnamese noodles but this one was amazing. We savored every ounces of broth inside the bowl. The serving was very inexpensive and totally worth it.


Vietnamese Desserts. I call the first two photos above as a foreign version of Pinoy Halo-Halo. Chè thập cẩm is a sweet dessert that contains coconut milk, beans and jello. Some may have once scoop of ice cream on top depending on the customer’s liking. Also, they put shaved ice on top to be refreshing. The preparation of this dessert can be pretty tedious but it’s delicious. On the other hand, the third photo is known as the caramen (Caramel). Similar to chè, this dessert has beans, jello and coconut milk. But instead of having shaved ice, you have some form of sticky rice below and a custard flan on top.

My overall food escapade in Vietnam was promising. It was definitely proven that Hanoi is a street food haven for tourists and it’s own people. The food are affordable and they have generous amount of servings. Each food we tried consists of intensive labor and great flavor. Everything is a must-try and you’ll definitely come back for more.


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PIG OUT: Peri – Peri Charcoal Chicken



Peri- Peri (pronounced as piri-piri) is a casual dining restaurant serving African – Portuguese cuisines grilled to perfection. The term Peri – Peri cam from an African Bird’s Eye Chili founded by some Portuguese explorers from way back. What makes this place famous is their 8 signature sauces ranging from sweet to smoky to fiery and hot.


The interior is very lively and colorful. Decorative bottles brightened up the room. Big barrels with spouts are also in display. The theme of the room depicts a very warm environment similar to Africa and Portugal.


I wasn’t able to gauge the staff knowledge regarding the menu since we ordered in advance. However, the service was okay. They immediately offered each one of us a cold glass of water. They were very attentive especially when you need something extra like cutlery or condiments. The speed of service was pretty good.




  • Ribs Platter ( 1 whole Peri – Peri BBQ Backribs with side dishes at 1,200PHP) The sauce was amazing and the meat falls right of the bone. It was also presented in a very appetizing way. (side dishes: coleslaw, country fries, java rice and corn kernels).


  • Todo (Peri – Peri Chicken at 525.00PHP) The presentation was very simple. The grilled chicke was served on a wooden chopping board. At first, I thought the chicken was dry but when we started to slice through it, the meat was juicy. It’s definitely delicious.


  • Pizza(s) 

➡️ Ala Peri – Peri (at 350PHP) Thin crust pizza topped with shredded Peri- Peri chicken plus special sauce.


➡️ Todo Carne (at 375PHP) Instead of grilled chicken, the pizza was topped with ground beef and ham with bell peppers and onions.




  • Delicious Food
  • Accessible (Many Branches across Metro Manila)
  • Friendly staff
  • Clean place
  • Affordable
  • Generous amt of serving


  • Decorative bottles (not glued)
  • Place looks crowded
  • *since we ordered in advance* some of the food were already at room temp.

RATE 8/10 (👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽)




PIG OUT: Sessions Gallery Cafe



Sessions Gallery is one of the newest cafes in Baguio City. The place is a mixture of a spacious coffee shop and a hip gallery showcasing the best masterpieces of Baguio’s very own artists.
Located at the heart of Session Rd, the cafe is just few steps away from SM Baguio, Porta Vaga and Baguio Cathedral. Once inside, you will immediately see art in different forms. The cafe shows photographs, paintings and wooden sculptures reflecting the city’s lifestyle and culture. The dining setting is very casual. The customers can use the normal tables and chairs or lounge on their comfy pillows and bean bags.
The interior is very vibrant and homey. Inside the cafe is a huge wooden tree with colorful sticky notes served as leaves. The notes posted were made by different people who visited the cafe. I find every note entertaining. Some were motivating n and others were cute doodles.
Most of the photographs mounted on the walls reflect the daily lives of the people living around Cordillera region . They also exhibit the city at night, the natural beauty of Sagada and the famous Panagbenga Festival.


The cafe’s menu is extensive. They have wide varieties of teas and coffees. Some may be served cold while others, hot. You can match your drink with a cake or a pasta of your choice.


Aside from their good food and impressive art walls, Sessions Gallery also have an assortment of board games the customers can enjoy. From the classic Snakes and Ladders to Monopoly, these games are not beyond anyone’s reach.




411 Jose De Leon Center III, Session Road
Baguio City, Philippines
+63 906 568 5584
Sun – Sat 09:00am – 12:00am
This is not a sponsored article.
My reviews are based from my honest opinions and personal experience.
Also, the photos posted are mine not unless stated.


PIG OUT: Antiteasis: Books and Brews


Located inside Teacher’s Village in Quezon City, Maginhawa is known to be one of the most famous havens for food enthusiasts. And as we wander every nooks of the street, we came across this library cafe called Antiteasis.


Antiteasis is a snuggly little cafe that offers bagels, smoothies, a small library and tons of board games. The place was divided into two set up. One offers an al fresco vibe and can occupy 10 people. While 8 people can be accommodated through the indoor seating. The place inside was filled with colorful throw pillows and refurbished wooden chests turned low tables.


Aside from the color-coordinated books (perfect for my OCD), the shelves (above) offer different genres of literature pieces starting from classic to contemporary. Plus they also have fiction and coffee table books.


While waiting for our food, we decided to play some of their board games. The cafe have the classic Snake & Ladders, Monopoly and Scrabble. But the one that really stood out to us was the Cards Against Humanity.


Even though the space was a bit small, I find it very relaxing and artsy at the same time. The place has Wifi and they provide electrical outlets for their guests. The music was perfect. The place was “Instagram worthy” and the lady on the front desk was very approachable.


As first-time customers, we decided to try their smoothies. We had one Apple – Basil Smoothie and a Banana- Cinnamon. For 110php, the drinks were delicious and really refreshing. I love how they were able to showcase them on small customized jars. You can really tell that the fruits were fresh because of the pulp mixed inside every drink.


Prior to placing our orders, we had a glimpse of how big the bagel was. It gave us the idea to split the ham and cheese bagel into two.
If viewed from the outside, Antiteasis may look like your usual coffee place. However, based from my experience, this new hang-out has a lot to offer inside. My only concern is that I won’t be able to bring a large group of friends to this cafe. Loud conversations may not be perfect to their intimate vibe and there might be a scarcity for leg room.

ANTITEASIS: Books and Brews

Address: Unit C, 154 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Open every Tues-Sunday (01:30pm to 10:30pm)
For inquiries, you may text and call them at  0906-342-4599
Follow them on their Social Media: Facebook & Twitter


PIG OUT: Rice & Dough


Who would have thought that sushi and pizza look good together?

Rice and Dough is a fusion of Italian and Japanese inspired cuisines served in a modern bar setting. The concept of the restaurant seems unusual to the Filipino setting but across the globe, combining cuisines isn’t really new in the business.

The design of the place is sleek, contemporary with a blend of wood and metal. Also, the industrial light fixtures complimented the white walls with the copper finish.



Usually, the menu begins with an appetizer. However, since we were so famished that time, the group decided to jump in the main the course. We ordered a variety of Italian and Japanese dishes: pasta, pizza and sushi.


                                                     World War Roll


                                                               Molten Lava


                                                  Crispy Nori Chicken Wings


                                                     Chili Shrimp Aglio y Olio





My overall experience with the food is great. With the outstanding food selections and great presentation, I am giving this place a thumbs up! The sushi platters were spicy but manageable. I love how thin the pizza was but some of the slices were unevenly toasted. Nevertheless, they were delicious. However, I just wish that they served a generous amount per order since most of them was a bit pricey for me.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the service was great. Plus points for the servers because they were all knowledgeable about their menu. I like how they describe every dish and what goes into it. The place was cozy with different kinds of seating. The view from the Grand Canal is also relaxing. This was an additional feature of the place.

More about Rice & Dough



Rice & Dough Sushi and Pizza Bar
Ground Floor, Venice Grand Canal Mall,
McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday; 11:00am to 11:00pm
Contact Number: (02) 6569212
Instagram: @RiceAndDoughPH



PIG OUT: Kanto Freestyle



If you’re always into 24/7 breakfast finds here in Metro Manila then Kanto Freestyle will surely be a hit for you. This fancy kind of carinderia was first introduced to me back in 2014 and since then I’ve been back and forth to this place.

Aside from college students and your typical squad, KF as we call it, is famous to call center agents and those working on the night shift. Serving your all-time favorite Pinoy breakfast, gourmet style, Kanto is a certified go – to for the masses.

Because of their growing fan base, the management decided to spread out their branches all over Manila. So far, I’ve been into 2 of their branches; one in Mandaluyong and the staple tambayan inside Kapitolyo Pasig.

The design of the restaurant is very cozy but rustic. It is a mixture of wooden furniture wit industrial lighting. The vibe is so warm since most of the KF were old houses transformed into a restaurant.


KFB Kapitolyo. Photo courtesy of

Every KF branches is jam-packed so it is expected by the regulars that you have to wait for a while just to be seated.

Once we had our table ready, our server handed us the menu with a complimentary plate of chips. Normally, the appetizers will be in a separate order but since we were put on a long wait, it was considered free. Usually, it will take about 15-20 minutes before the food is served.

Every Kanto meals is served with one cup of garlic rice, tomato pesto slices and 2 eggs (either sunny side up or scrambled). The viands will depend on the customer’s choice. They provide a wide variety of pork, beef, fish and chicken meals all the time.

So far, I’ve tried beef tapa, fried chicken, Vigan longganisa and pork belly. Also, I chose scramble as my thirst quencher. 


We also tried their pancakes, champorado and French toasts.


And for dessert, we had grilled buttered suman and deep fried Oreos.


In conclusion, I must say that aside from the long waiting queue, my appetite was fully satisfied. The food is great and affordable. The gourmet presentation is always a hit. The service is fast and the people are amazing. Good job.






PIG OUT: Happy Tummy


In the heart of Baguio City, Happy Tummy is a Thai inspired restaurant that boasts a very traditional but cozy ambiance of the metropolis. Originally, we were planning to take our lunch at the Ketchup Food Community. However, the place was packed so opted to visit the branch near Hill Station.

Once inside, you will notice that the restaurant is al fresco. The place is very simple and unassuming but in a good way. The interior is made out of wood as well as the tables and counter tops. It gave us a chill homey vibe perfect for a lazy day.


Contrary to their branch at Ketchup Food Community, this Happy Tummy is still open for more customers and you no longer have to wait in line.

Before leaving our place, we’ve already planned out what we’ll be having for lunch. So it didn’t took us a while before placing an order. The server was polite and very engaging Also, the service was fast.


We started our meal with Chicken Tom Yum. At first, I was a bit hesitant to try it because it looks pale. But once I got a hold of the soup, I must say that it was great. The consistency of the broth was perfect. The vegetables were not soggy and the chicken was tender. So far, this was closest I’ve ever been to an authentic Tom Yum.


Our main course includes a large order of garlic rice, Thai Fried chicken and Fried Tilapia both with tamarind sauce. The food was served hot. The chicken was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I love how it was perfectly cooked and the side dish were crunchy and looks fresh. One of the viands that we had was suggested by the server. Happy tummy made a huge overhaul of the humble local favorite. Just like the chicken, it was served to perfection.

Happy Tummy is the perfect place to have your family lunch or dinner with friends. The menu is a faultless combination of Filipino and Thai cuisines which you will surely like. I am planning to try their Pad Thai, satay and curry on my next visit.

To have a quick glimpse on the menu, here’s what I can share to you.


More about Happy Tummy

Open Hours: Everyday from 9am to 9pm
Location: Ketchup Food Community – Romulo Drive, Baguio, Luzon 2600
                    Near Hill Station – Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road
Contact Information: +63 9238784968