PIG OUT: 50’s Diner

THE RESTAURANT 50's Diner is an American retro-inspired diner housing good food and classic pop culture. The place imits a movie like filing station vibe equipped with pink neon lights . 50's is known for their burgers, steaks and milkshakes. ATMOSPHERE The place gives a real 50's vibe adorned with old movie posters and celebrity … Continue reading PIG OUT: 50’s Diner


PIG OUT: Canto Bogchi Joint

THE RESTAURANT Canto Bogchi Joint is a family style restaurant offering a fusion of American and Mexican cuisines. First established inside the Ketchup Food Community, this diner offers ribs, steaks and other rice meals good for solo and large groups. ATMOSPHERE Looking at the outside, you can easily tell that the place is embracing a … Continue reading PIG OUT: Canto Bogchi Joint

PIG OUT: Caja Pizza, Cupcakes and More.

THE RESTAURANT Caja is a small, hidden pizza place in the heart of Bontoc, Mountain Province. It is an old family house turned restaurant that serves Italian and local flavor dishes. ATMOSPHERE The place is clean and very well kept. The wooden interiors and rustic decorations gave us a very homey vibe. Picturesque scene can … Continue reading PIG OUT: Caja Pizza, Cupcakes and More.

PIG OUT: Ayatori Japanese Cuisine

  THE RESTAURANT Formerly known as Yasuragi Japanese Cuisine, Ayatori is a small Japanese restaurant in La Trinidad, Benguet. This izikaya provides patrons the "almost" authentic Japanese experience for a very reasonable price. ATMOSPHERE Once inside, the place gives a clean, comfortable and homey vibe. Also, the feel of a Japanese pub is evident. Even … Continue reading PIG OUT: Ayatori Japanese Cuisine

PIG OUT: Vietnamese Street food

Aside from the different sights to see in Hanoi, I am excited to share my first hand experience on Vietnamese street food. From food carts to food bikes to vendors rolling out in droves, the choices of yummy food seem to be endless. My friend and I tried everything we saw on the streets. We … Continue reading PIG OUT: Vietnamese Street food

PIG OUT: Peri – Peri Charcoal Chicken

THE RESTAURANT Peri- Peri (pronounced as piri-piri) is a casual dining restaurant serving African - Portuguese cuisines grilled to perfection. The term Peri - Peri cam from an African Bird's Eye Chili founded by some Portuguese explorers from way back. What makes this place famous is their 8 signature sauces ranging from sweet to smoky … Continue reading PIG OUT: Peri – Peri Charcoal Chicken

PIG OUT: Sessions Gallery Cafe

  Sessions Gallery is one of the newest cafes in Baguio City. The place is a mixture of a spacious coffee shop and a hip gallery showcasing the best masterpieces of Baguio's very own artists. Located at the heart of Session Rd, the cafe is just few steps away from SM Baguio, Porta Vaga and … Continue reading PIG OUT: Sessions Gallery Cafe