What’s inside my make up bag

Happy Monday, everyone! ❤

Today is such a chill day and I am enjoying my time at home. To do something productive, let me just share with you everything that’s inside my everyday make-up bag.

Huuuuge DISCLAIMER right here: I am not a professional make up artist and tbh, I don’t know a lot about make up. However, I find joy in dolling up myself up with all the things that I have right here.

I also included the name of the stores / websites in case you want to purchase the products below.

Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier (Watson’s) ₱99.00

Beauty Treats Eyeshadow Palette (Dollar Store, Market Market) ₱300.00

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow in 3 Medium (Sephora) ₱2,900.00

Cargo Eyeshadow Pot in Roadshow (Cargo Cosmetics) ₱800.00

EB Matte Bullet Lipstick in Mirrored Mocha (Watson’s or any Department Stores) ₱160.00

USANA Deeply Nourishing Lip Moisturizer (via USANA rep.)

They’re REAL Beyond Mascara (Sephora₱1,900.00

Maybelline Clearsmooth All-In-One Two-way cake in 02 Nude Beige (Maybelline Kiosks, Watson’s or any Department Stores) ₱169.00

Skin Sensation Lip N Cheek Tint in Ruby (Skin Sensation₱149.00

Mary Kay Concealer in Jaune • They’re REAL Make up Remover (Sephora₱1,100.00

Maybelline Color Show Blush in Fresh Coral (Maybelline Kiosks, Watson’s or any Department Stores) ₱149.00

Nivea Moisturizing Creme (Watson’s or any Department Stores) ₱169.00

They’re REAL Push-up Liner (Sephora₱700.00

• Travel Nail clipper from Korea


Much love,


What’s on my Phone? (Updated for 2017) *Android* Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Lite

Hello friends!

I am very much excited about today’s blog post because I will be sharing with you “what’s on my phone”. I’m currently using a Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Lite. It is an android phone originated from the Philippines. I tried having and iPhone before but I guess iOS doesn’t give me much of what I really need. This phone has been my go to phone since I lost my Xiaomi Red Mi 1s earlier last year. Let’s get right into this article and let me show you everything on my phone.



This is my simple home screen. As you can tell, there not much of a riot here. I just have my essential apps randomly placed at the side of the screen. I have the shortcuts to dialer and sms plus my Facebook and Twitter is also part of my phone “necessities”. The middle button on the left is where you will find all of the applications inside my phone. The wallpaper and the theme were provided my C launcher. I decided to download C because the free themes that comes with this phone looks old and plain. Of course, I have my Facebook messenger as well because a lot of times my family and friends don’t text anymore. It saves them the credit because Wi-Fi is free. Last, we have my Instagram app. I am more into Instagram stories than Snapchat so whenever I am to share something interesting, everything is on this app. (The clock and temperature updated is provided by my launcher. I kept it that way because it’s handy)


If you swipe left after my home page, you will see folders that I created to organize the applications that I always use. I find this setup convenient since I will no longer have to dig inside my phone to look for the app that I need.

Everything is categorized according to use. I have one for music, photos, blogs and socials.

And here’s an overview of all the applications on my phone. I rarely check these pages since I have everything fixed on my home page folders. Some of these miscellaneous applications were pre-installed on the phone when I bought it. My applications differ from time to time depending on my mood. But most of the time, I try to keep it simple and neat like this one right here.


Hope you enjoyed my quick what’s in my phone article. xo






What’s in my everyday bag?


I am among those people whose bag has remnants scattered inside. Sometimes my bag contains crumpled papers or receipts, stirrers, candy wrappers, used blotting sheets and food crumbs. However, today’s different. I managed to clean up my bag for the purpose of making this post presentable. HAHAHAHA. Let us now take a closer look inside my go-to satchel.


Brown Satchel: This bag is my favorite and my go-to at the moment. This generic bag was given to me by one of my closest friends when she went to Thailand for a vacation. I’ve had it for almost a year now and still in good condition. It may look small but it is the perfect size for when you just need your everyday stuff.

Reading Glasses: I am blind as a bat so I always need to have my prescription specs with me. I’ve had these pair for almost 3 years now and that is a pretty remarkable record. For someone who’s always breaking her glasses, I am proud that we’ve come this far. LOL. I bought my specs from a random shop at Paterno St. in Quiapo, Manila. You’ll be surprised how vast the selections are when it comes to Optical stores. The place is literally packed with glasses everywhere. My glasses fits me perfect plus it compliments the shape of my face better.


Work Badge: This is my life at work. I won’t be able to enter the company if I lost this. I have my ID, my entrance badge, my meal pass and locker key bundled up in just one lanyard.

Tissue: Hygiene is number one. Not all public restrooms have toilet papers. So if you have one that is handy, everything will be just fine.

Card Holder: I always tend to forget my health card, atm and the likes especially when I need them the most. Having this card holder made everything easier. I can just slide it inside my bag without worrying about leaving a card behind. I saw this on sale at Daiso last year and since then, this has kept me company.

Passport: Since I am still on the process of renewing all my licenses, I carry my passport around just in case I need a valid ID.


Wrist watch: I’ve had this watch for 5 years now. It’s a classic. I am into anything vintage and absolutely love this brand, Casio. The design is simple and can go well with almost everything. It has a built-in alarm, night light and timer.

Charm Bracelet: This was given to me by my boyfriend. He made this bracelet with the help of his background in charms and meditation. I carry it inside my bag whenever I have to wash my hands or do something that requires an extensive hand labor. LOL.

Tooth Comb: Since I have a long curly hair, wide tooth comb is a must! I got this one from 7/11 and it has been my go-to ever since. For only 20php ($0.40), you can have a pocket-size comb that is easy to clean and can make your hair instantly tangle-free.

House Keys: Of course! This is considered as one of the grown-up essentials. I have here the keys to the main door, my room key and my closet spare key. You can also see my strawberry key chain and a rubber shoe.

Coin Purse: I am not a fan of long/ space-consuming purse. As much as possible, I want something that I can just grab when I’m on-the-go and can easily fit my pockets. Some purses are not friendly to spare change, but this one is different. It is made out of soft and cottony fabrics. Also, it has plenty of room inside where I can also put my cards.


Lip and Cheek Tint: I got this from a Pinay Youtuber named Kris Lumagui. This has been with me for a couple of months now and I am digging it ever since. I love how functional and handy it is. It’s bright and very pigment. The color pay-off on my cheeks looks amazing but it very subtle on my lips which I love.

Alcohol: A handy alcohol atomizer is a bag must-have! I am not much of a germophobe but it is always good to have one on-the-go especially when you’re always using the public toilet like me.

Hand Cream: My hands are always dry and rough. Plus, I always get skin asthma when I use liquid soaps or dish washing paste. But this hand cream solved my problem. It hydrates and moisturizes my hands. And I am addicted to anything with Argan oil.

Lipstick: There are times when we want to feel confident and powerful. A red lipstick never fails to give both. Who needs a full-face makeover when you can just have a powder on and sport a fiery lips.

Moisturizer: I use moisturizer instead of lotion to apply on my knees and elbows. I find this more effective. It softens my skin faster and it’s less greasy.

Lip Balm: It’s a no-no to have dry lips.

Pen: For my weird doodling hobby.

Perfume: When you still want to smell fresh at the end of the day.