Motherhood: Hospital Bag Checklist

A few weeks from now, I will be giving birth to our first child. To be honest, I am having mixed emotions about this. I have to admit that I am nervous. Like really nervous. And that is because I don't have any idea yet on what to expect and what to feel. But at … Continue reading Motherhood: Hospital Bag Checklist


Saving Yourself From Suicidal Thoughts and Feeling Of Depression

  Having suicidal thoughts and feeling of depression is something not everyone can escape. Once the severe feeling of despondency sips right through our mind and body, we will have that certain thoughts about self-harm and assume that the agony will never end. BUT, keep in mind that there's nothing constant in this world except change. … Continue reading Saving Yourself From Suicidal Thoughts and Feeling Of Depression

Coffee Talk: The Mentor

  What is a mentor? A mentor is someone who willingly helps you in your unpredicted journey through life. They will give you tips and tricks about survival and fighting your inner demons when it comes to your work and personal life. Also, a mentor is more like a life coach, a guide, a helping … Continue reading Coffee Talk: The Mentor

Oil Control Self

  Women with oily skin face like me struggle in keeping my face looks less haggard all day. Most of the time, the oil that our skin produces makes makeup oxidize immediately. Also, it clogs pores resulting in several skin problems. So in this new article, let us dig deeper and find out how can … Continue reading Oil Control Self

Ways To Become A Morning Person

Do you always feel like waking up in the morning is a struggle and you badly need help? Hitting the snooze button will get you nowhere. Keep in mind that maximizing your morning can make a huge difference in your productivity. You can get more things done while avoiding a less stressful day.  Getting ready … Continue reading Ways To Become A Morning Person

Motherhood: Eating While Pregnant (The GOOD and the BAD)

Pregnancy calls for weird cravings and sometimes increased in appetite. Pregnant women like me want to taste a lot of food but we also have to be cautious on what we eat. Here's a quick rundown of all the good and the bad, as well as some striking figures to help you focused on eating … Continue reading Motherhood: Eating While Pregnant (The GOOD and the BAD)

Basic Guide: Makeup Shelf Life

Since spring cleaning is evident everywhere, peole are starting to declutter stuff they no longer need or stuff that reached their expiration date. And as much it is tempting to hold on to things we value (like cosmetics for us girls), everything has it's so called shelf life. To be honest, I find it hard … Continue reading Basic Guide: Makeup Shelf Life