The BreakUp Series: Post BreakUp Interaction

  No matter how casual, clean, civil or mutual a breakup is, there is really no failsafe way to avoid any interaction with the ex you recently broke up with. So, for this "Break Up" Series, let me help you on to smoothly handle common but sticky scenarios you might be into and hopefully leave … Continue reading The BreakUp Series: Post BreakUp Interaction


Basic Guide: Shaping Your Brows

Your eyebrow shape cna change the way your entire face looks. The are a lot of ways to groom a girl's eyebrows. Nowadays, aside from the traditional tweezer trick, we have eyebrows tattoo, threading, microblading, waxing and trimming. It is frustrating to maintain your brows especially if you're a busy person but if you managed … Continue reading Basic Guide: Shaping Your Brows


You can never be too comfortable especially when period week is fast approaching. And as a woman who's always on the go, we always like to anticipate the worst that could happen. You know that it pays to be prepared on all fronts. We can never tell when an emergency period pouch comes in handy. … Continue reading WHAT’S INSIDE MY PERIOD POUCH?

Basic Guide: Waxing

Waxing is a treatment that deals with semi-permanent hair removal which removes the unwanted hair straight from the root. You can wax any part of your body, starting from your eyebrows down to your legs. Some people find it painful but for others, beauty is pain. Sugar-based wax can easily wash away with water while … Continue reading Basic Guide: Waxing

#BeautyByYou: Removing Dark Circles

Dark circles get worse as you age because skin around the eye thins, making blood vessels and muscles beneath more visible through the skin. It is through using eye creams with Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone might help because the chemical helps strengthen the capillary walls. However, many of us find it hard to afford such product. … Continue reading #BeautyByYou: Removing Dark Circles

How to deal with haters online.

It is no secret that people can get vicious on social media. Some people just want to hate you even without knowing you. But how to we really deal with them? Here are some tips that might just help you out: Be with your support team - Always keep in mind that the people who know … Continue reading How to deal with haters online.

Guide To Surviving The First Date

The first date is about making a good impression and building a good foundation with someone whom you want to know better. I know most of us are probably nervous every time we experience dating someone for the first time. But don't be. I have some advice here that will back you up before the meet up … Continue reading Guide To Surviving The First Date