BASIC GUIDE: Make-up Tools (For the Face)

Here are the basic tools that I need (and use) for my face make-up. 💖 ▪️SILICONE SPONGE - used to bounce foundation on the face to achieve a full coverage base. It is suitable in creating a glam look for a night out. ▪️BLENDING SPONGE - multi-purpose sponge that can be used in applying primer, … Continue reading BASIC GUIDE: Make-up Tools (For the Face)



Happy Monday, everyone! ❤ Today is such a chill day and I am enjoying my time at home. To do something productive, let me just share with you everything that's inside my everyday make-up bag. Huuuuge DISCLAIMER right here: I am not a professional make up artist and tbh, I don't know a lot about … Continue reading WHAT’S INSIDE MY MAKEUP BAG

Beauty Review: Bobbi & Katie Palette by Bobbi Brown

  This journal-inspired palette is the result of a collaboration between Bobbi Brown and Katie Holmes. Released last 2013, their goal is to create the ultimate makeup line for modern day women that is tailored to serve as the essential, everyday makeup kit. CLAIMS: Compact and on- the-go Easy organization Wearable shades   EYESHADOWS: Pink … Continue reading Beauty Review: Bobbi & Katie Palette by Bobbi Brown

#BeautyByYou: Remedies for Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes or Eye Strain is one of the common yet most annoying condition of the eyes. You will experience watery or dry eyes, sore eye sockets, heavy lids or even eye itch. This state occurs when our eyes became overused from school, work or gadgets. However, there are simple ways to get rid of tired … Continue reading #BeautyByYou: Remedies for Tired Eyes

#BeautyByYou: Wrinkle Remover

The egg white and lemon juice as wrinkle remover is one of the most popular face masks for dry and saggy skin. Egg white and lemon juice both have oil control action and skin tightening properties. Lemon also contains antibacterial properties that kill germs. When combined, you can have your affordable and organic face tightening … Continue reading #BeautyByYou: Wrinkle Remover

#BeautyByYou: Massage Therapy

  Massage oils can be costly, not to mention they are not always natural. A good therapeutic massage oil doesn't have to cost the earth and in fact you can simply make it at home and you'll ensure that you're using the best all natural ingredients. Coconut oil is ideal for massage. It protects skin, … Continue reading #BeautyByYou: Massage Therapy

Short hair, don’t care.

It's been a year since I had my last haircut. I was too caught up with work and other important matters therefore grooming was out of the vocabulary. Yes. I admit it that my hair became tangling, dry and unmanageable. But that was until 2 days ago. Fast forward to summer. The scorching heat is … Continue reading Short hair, don’t care.