Managing Negative Feelings


  • Figure outwhat’s causing you to feel down.
  • Talk to someone whom you think will understand.
  • Learn to accept and understand the feeling that you have. This feeling can’t be considered right or wrong. It’s simply how you feel right now.
  • As much as possible, express your feelings in a safe, non-threatening way.
  • Related to this, think of ways to manage them effectively so that you don’t feel quite so bad, and so completely overwhelmed.
  • Avoid being with people who demand too much from you. Especially those who drain you emotionally. Being with them is not healthy.


Always shine,




Shoving off Bad Vibes.



Feeling stress? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes being so stressed out makes us grumpy. But some days, your independent brain decides that it’s in a bad mood. So here are simple ways to beat the vibes away.

  • Be thankful for your day. Having a bad day doesn’t mean you are not blessed with a day to cherish.
  • Decide that you want to be happy. Your mood is a state of mind and happiness is a choice. Make your decision count.
  • Smile. If you find it hard to do so, fake it. Nothing is more cliche’ than the quote “Fake it til you make it” right?
  • Find something around you to laugh about. Make yourself feel great. A little laugh won’t harm you.
  • Dance. Move your body. Shake some bones and twist that hips.
  • Listen to some feel-good music. It will help you change the mood of your day.

Face to Face with Loneliness.


There are times when we feel lonely but unsure as to why we feel that way. Sometimes, we cannot help but waking up at the wrong side of the bed feeling stressed out, tired and clueless about what is happening around us. But as it happens, we also think of how to make it stop. Feeling lonely is tiring. You can be fed up with the thought of not doing anything to stop it. But what if we can? What if we can deal with loneliness face to face? How are we going to do it? Let us both try to discover how to get away with it by becoming aware of the feeling.

  1. Personally know that difference with being lonely and needing some alone time. Sometimes, if we are used to being with people, a sudden change of environment may be strange. However, being all by yourself doesn’t mean you are lonely. Being alone is a state of being while loneliness is a state of mind. Loneliness is a constant dull feeling that resonates all throughout the day.
  2. Open up to someone you can trust. Share them your thoughts. Talking to someone can make a huge difference. Being heard and being understood is better than feeling unwanted and abandoned.
  3. Hang-out with people. Exposing yourself to the crowd will help you gain self-confidence. Being busy will help you forget being lonely. Plus, you will be able to discover your own taste and interest through socializing.
  4. Take the initiative to set plans for you and your friends. Go out and have a drink, watch a movie or hang-out. Don’t wait your friends to do it for you. I am certain that you will have fun.

Battling Depression.


Depression is a lifelong battle. Even when you’ve recovered, it is somehow possible to trigger yourself through your mind and memories. This sounds crazy negative, but recovery is understanding the power you hold over yourself now and how to use it in a way that benefits you. Instead of letting the battle destroy it, it builds you. I talk about what I’ve been through to help others. And every time I do this, there’s a leap I make towards my own well-being. The more I make this leap, the more power I have over what I have been through. This helps me. I can only ever hope people find reassurance in what I share. I can only ever hope to be that person I needed before I became her.

Hello Whatever!: 50 Tips to AVOID Anxiety or Depression.

Hey there friends, 

Feeling a little down lately? Prevent this vibe by knowing a thing or two on how to deal with a negative mood. Together with your positive heart, there are 50 tricks that will surely get you out of it in a snap.



1. Take vitamin B supplements. I swear by this.
2. Be careful with coffee/caffeine.
3. Get as much sleep as you can.
4. Drink a decent amount of water.
5. Avoid “fake food” (fast food, junk food, sweets).
6. Privately write down what you are feeling.
7. Acknowledge the presence of negative thoughts.
8. And change them to positive ones.
9. Accept that you can control your thoughts.
10. Repeat “this is going to be a good day” in the morning.
11. Smile even when you don’t want to.
12. Wake up, get up, get going, and keep moving, and keep going.
13. Obtain and maintain a job.
14. Obtain and maintain a hobby.
15. Don’t be afraid to look stupid and joke around.
16. When something bothers you, count ten deep breaths.
17. If it’s still bothering you after that, then say something about it.
18. Take one or two long showers every day.
19. Say Yes more than No.
20. When you’re invited to do something new, do it.
21. When you’re feeling the urge to back out of plans, don’t.
22. Wear clean clothes.
23. Put on brand new clothes once in awhile.
24. Write a list of things you like about your life.
25. Give honest compliments to complete strangers.
26. When asked to donate a dollar, do it.
27. Keep your environment clean.
28. Read books about positive thinking. (I suggest “The Secret”, “The Power of Now”, and “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”.)
29. When you make a mistake, don’t make an excuse.
30. Don’t use alcohol or drugs to mask emotions.
31. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful.
32. But don’t spend too much time looking in mirrors.
33. Practice your posture.
34. Blast the music and drive with no destination.
35. Take nature walks and explore the woods.
36. Receive plenty of direct sunlight.
37. Look at the world news and see how lucky you are.
38. If you’re missing someone, call that person.
39. Give 110% to everything you do.
40. Think of ways to turn your darkness into a light. (Maybe: poetry, taking photos, drawing, painting, doodling, video taping, music, dancing, singing, crafts…)
41. Consume copious amounts of fruit.
42. Don’t overuse your cell phone.
43. Don’t overuse social media.
44. Take small breaks from all technology.
45. Try meditating.
46. Try yoga.
47. Read inspiring quotes and stories.
48. Find comical relief and laugh.
49. Replace the word “stressed” with “busy”.
50. Remember: this could be making you stronger in the long run.