The BreakUp Series: The Insensitive Toxic Ex

I used to be in an "on again - off again relationship with an ex. It was a emotionally draining and toxic. I deleted his number and blocked him to all of my social media account. However, he tried hitting with me last weekend as if nothing bad happened to us. But at some point, … Continue reading The BreakUp Series: The Insensitive Toxic Ex


My Bed Weather Playlist | A Chill Mix

Hello guys, Just updated a playlist on my Spotify account. Sharing this one with you. It's a collection of new and old songs perfect for a gloomy weather or even just a laidback day.  I am currently listening to it right now as I'm making this blog. Visit my account for more playlists that I … Continue reading My Bed Weather Playlist | A Chill Mix

Managing Negative Feelings

Figure outwhat's causing you to feel down. Talk to someone whom you think will understand. Learn to accept and understand the feeling that you have. This feeling can't be considered right or wrong. It's simply how you feel right now. As much as possible, express your feelings in a safe, non-threatening way. Related to this, … Continue reading Managing Negative Feelings

Shoving off Bad Vibes.

  Feeling stress? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes being so stressed out makes us grumpy. But some days, your independent brain decides that it's in a bad mood. So here are simple ways to beat the vibes away. Be thankful for your day. Having a bad day doesn't mean you are not blessed … Continue reading Shoving off Bad Vibes.

Playlist: 10/16 (OPM Throwback)

    Now that I have you - The Company   If Ever You're in My Arms Again - Peabo Bryson (Christian Bautista Version)   Afraid for Love to Fade - Jose Mari Chan ( Lea Salonga Version )   Rainbow - Southborder   You'll Be Safe Here - Rivermaya reading Playlist: 10/16 (OPM Throwback)

Always Be Kind.

Dear Dad, I wrote this letter to say " Thank You". Thank you for giving me the most forgiving kind of heart. A heart that is so strong it can forgive all the people that hurt her. A heart that understands even when words weren't spoken. A heart that believes and a heart that trusts. … Continue reading Always Be Kind.