Current TV Show Favorites.

Since my work schedule is at night, I seldom find time to catch up on the latest shows here in the Philippines and abroad. I always find myself depending on Netflix and some suggestions from my colleagues. I am not into TV series before, but because of the need to relate with my friends, I was somehow forced to join the realm of binge watchers.

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Riverdale: Back when I was a kid,  I am really into Archie comics. I always make it a point that my dad would buy me a copy so I can read it before going to bed. When I heard about the series, I thought that the plot will be the same as the ones they have on the comics. However, it’s different.  Different but in a way that I love. My attachment for mystery and crime solving shows ignited. The whole season was like an episode of CSI.

13 Reasons Why: I am encouraging everyone to see this. The series mirrored the effects of teenage peer pressure and bullying. This is real and is happening everyday. I know the story is kind of sad and frustrating but at the same time, it educates people on how to handle such situation.

Game of Thrones: The very popular and most talked about HBO show nowadays. I am such an avid fan of this series. Everything is intense and unpredictable. The plot intensifies every season and it made my Monday worth looking forward to. Currently the show is now halfway through the 7th season. Winter is coming.

Lucifer: I know. I know. From the title itself, this series is raising eyebrows everywhere. But don’t get me wrong, the reason why I love this show is the fact that it deals with crime scene investigation. Yes. I guess you know by now how fascinated I am in solving mysteries. I love forensic science and this show hits me.

My Favorite Things: January


This will be the first time that I will be writing a blog like this. 🙊  I am excited to share some of my favorite stuff for this month (events, movies, food, drinks etc).  Hope you guys enjoy this. 💕

Favorite Drink

🖇 McCafé Iced Coffee with Vanilla51php ($1.02)

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Every morning of every working day.

Favorite Event

🖇 My 27th Birthday 


Forgive my derpy face people. I am excited to blow the candles.

Favorite Movie

🖇 La La Land


A funny, romantic and captivating musicale that will teach you not to have regrets on love.


Favorite TV Show

🖇 CSI. I started watching this show late last year and recently, I just finished all of the episodes. The last one that I had was CSI NY. 

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Favorite Song

🖇 Perfect Stranger – Jonas Blue


Favorite Scent

🖇 Bench Daily Scent. A friend gave this to me last Christmas and since I emptied out my go-to cologne, I decided to use this one. The first thought that came in to my mind when I tried it was the fact that it is light. Also, the smell is not so empowering and it is handy. It can fit well inside my pouch.

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Favorite Blogger

🖇 Xiaxue is a Singaporean blogger and TV personality. I first saw her on Guide To Life ( a ClickNetwork segment). I find her funny and frank. Her wittiness is very entertaining even though her taste in fashion is very opposite to mine.

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Favorite App

🖇 Dubstep Pad is an drumpad application that let’s you create your own music and style. It comes with different beats, vocals and loops. Download your Dubstep app here — (iOS and Google Play)

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Favorite Place

Stamina Fitness Gym. I’ve been working out this past couple of months. So after work, I head out to the gym to shed off some pounds. It has been a ritual since I am looking forward to having my old healthy self back.






Playlist 7/16


Putting a spin out of EDM. Here’s my playlist for July. 🎧

  1. Find You (Acoustic) – Zedd

2. Don’t You Worry Child (Acoustic) – Swedish House Mafia

3.  Clarity – Foxes ft. Zedd

4. Save the World – Swedish House Mafia (Performed by Collin McLoughlin)

5. Mirrors – Justin Timberlake (Performed by Jason Chen)

6. Latch – Sam Smith

7. Pompeii – Bastille (Performed by Sabrina)