'Tis the season to be jolly and the last month of the year. I am both happy and sad that this year is almost over. 2017 has been a roller coaster for me but everything (good or bad) has been worth it. I might be a little late today in posting my goals for this … Continue reading DECEMBER GOALS



Hello everyone! 2017 is almost over and we're only two months away in welcoming the new year. Ever since I started this monthly goal post, I have been very productive tracking down what I want to do every month. My entries kept me busy and my blog has been updated every week. It's rewarding accomplishing … Continue reading NOVEMBER GOALS


Here's to another month to start fresh. September is officially over and we're just few months away from ending 2018. Today is the first day of October and this feels like February to me. It's my mom's birth month and my parents' wedding anniversary. Even though both of my parents' already laid to rest, me … Continue reading OCTOBER GOALS

Coffee Talk: Knowing The Traits Of An Organized Person.

  They don't cling on to stuff they don't need. It is easy for them to discard any clutter before it can pile up. There is always a designated place or home for everything. This will be easier for them to look for things. They are good in remembering appointments and important events by making … Continue reading Coffee Talk: Knowing The Traits Of An Organized Person.

WanderWoman: My Travel Bucketlist

Hello everyone! Since I've been rummaging through some of my travel essentials lately and planning to renew my passport soon. I decided to create a blog that will feature my ultimate travel destinations, perfect for my entire lifetime. These places are subject to change (might add some more). But as early as now, I would love to take … Continue reading WanderWoman: My Travel Bucketlist


It's been 8 months since we started 2017. Many things have changed by now. And even though I am not really a fan of this month, I am very much excited to share with you my goals in high hopes that I will accomplish everything until the 31st. Visit my sister in Lucena for at … Continue reading AUGUST GOALS

WanderWoman: Hanoi, Vietnam

  Okay, I have to admit. I spent most of my days in Hanoi wandering around cities to cities. Exploring sites, food-hopping from hawkers to hawkers, connecting with people and enjoying the place as it is. During my early days in Hanoi, I stayed in a place called Phúc Yên. It is a small a … Continue reading WanderWoman: Hanoi, Vietnam