My Bed Weather Playlist | A Chill Mix

Hello guys, Just updated a playlist on my Spotify account. Sharing this one with you. It's a collection of new and old songs perfect for a gloomy weather or even just a laidback day.  I am currently listening to it right now as I'm making this blog. Visit my account for more playlists that I … Continue reading My Bed Weather Playlist | A Chill Mix


Happy Anniversary, my love!

"I wish I'd known you earlier, but I know God makes all the things beautiful in His time." Happy Anniversary to us again, my love. Thank you for allowing me to be me in a body full of flaws in the moning and night. For eating everything I cook even if it doesn't taste right. … Continue reading Happy Anniversary, my love!

Motherhood: Pregnancy Hacks That I Swear By

During pregnancy it is no secret that you'll be experiencing a lot of things -- mood swings, morning sickness and other discomforts. And as much as possible our goal is to find a quick remedy for all of it. So for today's blog, I have listed below some pregnancy hacks that make my pregnancy journey … Continue reading Motherhood: Pregnancy Hacks That I Swear By

Ego – Strokers To Butter Your Man Up

Here are five gestures that will make your guy feel special. Remember, it's the little things that make guys feel appreciated. Give compliments about his looks. Even just a simple "You look sexy" is generic. But letting him know makes him feel like you notice little nuances about him. Make him feel that he takes … Continue reading Ego – Strokers To Butter Your Man Up

The Wedding Mood Board

Hello friends, Less than 2 months from now, Paolo and I are getting married!! I know I have been low key about my life recently here in my blog. But I have decided to finally share this  to awesome news to all of you. With all the pregnancy stuff here and there, preparing even a … Continue reading The Wedding Mood Board

Motherhood: My First Trimester

During the first couple of weeks of my pregnancy, I was completely unaware that a baby will eventually grow inside my tummy. I wasn't alarmed of the fact that my period got delayed because it's not the first time that it happened. However, when I reached the third week, I started to feel something different. … Continue reading Motherhood: My First Trimester

The 2018 Panagbenga Experience

Panagbenga Festival is the country's most sought- after festival that occurs every February in Baguio City. The term Panagbenga is a Kankanaey word meaning "season of blooming". This annual festivity is a tribute of the city to their majestic flowers and the rise of it's people from the earthquake that devastated the region last 1990. … Continue reading The 2018 Panagbenga Experience