Basic Guide: Waxing

Waxing is a treatment that deals with semi-permanent hair removal which removes the unwanted hair straight from the root. You can wax any part of your body, starting from your eyebrows down to your legs. Some people find it painful but for others, beauty is pain. Sugar-based wax can easily wash away with water while … Continue reading Basic Guide: Waxing


#BeautyByYou: Removing Dark Circles

Dark circles get worse as you age because skin around the eye thins, making blood vessels and muscles beneath more visible through the skin. It is through using eye creams with Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone might help because the chemical helps strengthen the capillary walls. However, many of us find it hard to afford such product. … Continue reading #BeautyByYou: Removing Dark Circles


It takes a lot of determination and discipline to embark on the journey of change, while dealing with a mental illness that negatively controls your emotions. From the outside looking in and as someone who has no idea what you’re going through, I just want to salute you for your efforts and remind you that … Continue reading KEEP MOVING

Things I Do Before Bedtime

I always look forward to bedtime. Everyone does. Right? And to be honest, after a long day at work, sleeping is the best remedy for my tired body. I sleep during the day since my shift starts at midnight. It's not that easy you know. Scorching heat. Too much light. 5 hours straight of undisturbed … Continue reading Things I Do Before Bedtime

The Good Side of Red Wine

  helps achieve healthier skin Red wine is known as to have a rich antioxidant called resveratrol. It slows down the aging process. Also, it destroys free radicals and produces enzyme for cell regeneration. keeping your sleep schedule on track. It contains melatonin; a hormone that controls your sleeping cycle. cuts the risk of cancer Quercitin … Continue reading The Good Side of Red Wine

Fitbit Charge HR

  Wearable fitness trackers are very in demand nowadays. From clip-ons to bracelets to watches, everyone who's into getting lean and healthy is now part of the hype. As the demands rise, many companies compete with each other to prove who's the best. One of them is Fitbit. I've been a Fitbit user since 2014. It started … Continue reading Fitbit Charge HR

#BeautyByYou: Remedies for Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes or Eye Strain is one of the common yet most annoying condition of the eyes. You will experience watery or dry eyes, sore eye sockets, heavy lids or even eye itch. This state occurs when our eyes became overused from school, work or gadgets. However, there are simple ways to get rid of tired … Continue reading #BeautyByYou: Remedies for Tired Eyes