Basic Guide: Shaping Your Brows

Your eyebrow shape cna change the way your entire face looks. The are a lot of ways to groom a girl's eyebrows. Nowadays, aside from the traditional tweezer trick, we have eyebrows tattoo, threading, microblading, waxing and trimming. It is frustrating to maintain your brows especially if you're a busy person but if you managed … Continue reading Basic Guide: Shaping Your Brows


My Bed Weather Playlist | A Chill Mix

Hello guys, Just updated a playlist on my Spotify account. Sharing this one with you. It's a collection of new and old songs perfect for a gloomy weather or even just a laidback day.  I am currently listening to it right now as I'm making this blog. Visit my account for more playlists that I … Continue reading My Bed Weather Playlist | A Chill Mix

Motherhood: Pregnancy Hacks That I Swear By

During pregnancy it is no secret that you'll be experiencing a lot of things -- mood swings, morning sickness and other discomforts. And as much as possible our goal is to find a quick remedy for all of it. So for today's blog, I have listed below some pregnancy hacks that make my pregnancy journey … Continue reading Motherhood: Pregnancy Hacks That I Swear By


You can never be too comfortable especially when period week is fast approaching. And as a woman who's always on the go, we always like to anticipate the worst that could happen. You know that it pays to be prepared on all fronts. We can never tell when an emergency period pouch comes in handy. … Continue reading WHAT’S INSIDE MY PERIOD POUCH?

The 500 Peso Makeup Challenge

  This makeup trend is not really new to everyone. Many known YouTubers and beauty bloggers had already put their own twist to make this challenge more exciting and worth it. Before doing may take on this, let me just reiterate that I am not a beauty guru and I don't know much about make … Continue reading The 500 Peso Makeup Challenge

Basic Guide: Waxing

Waxing is a treatment that deals with semi-permanent hair removal which removes the unwanted hair straight from the root. You can wax any part of your body, starting from your eyebrows down to your legs. Some people find it painful but for others, beauty is pain. Sugar-based wax can easily wash away with water while … Continue reading Basic Guide: Waxing

Beauty Review: Tarte’s Tartelette Tease Eyeshadow Clay Palette

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: A perfect petite everyday eyeshadow palette featuring six flirty shades. CLAIMS:  refresh, define and transition your smoldering stare from day to night shades feature lid, crease & highlight pairings  powered by tarte’s signature Amazonian clay formula, nature's perfect ingredient for better, longer and truer wear Paraben free soothe and soften skins due … Continue reading Beauty Review: Tarte’s Tartelette Tease Eyeshadow Clay Palette