Motherhood: Hospital Bag Checklist

A few weeks from now, I will be giving birth to our first child. To be honest, I am having mixed emotions about this. I have to admit that I am nervous. Like really nervous. And that is because I don't have any idea yet on what to expect and what to feel. But at … Continue reading Motherhood: Hospital Bag Checklist


Saving Yourself From Suicidal Thoughts and Feeling Of Depression

  Having suicidal thoughts and feeling of depression is something not everyone can escape. Once the severe feeling of despondency sips right through our mind and body, we will have that certain thoughts about self-harm and assume that the agony will never end. BUT, keep in mind that there's nothing constant in this world except change. … Continue reading Saving Yourself From Suicidal Thoughts and Feeling Of Depression

Happy Birthday, baby sister!

  Happy Birthday to my bestfriend, confidant and loving sister. I'd leave no room for sappy messages because you are already aware of how much I love and miss you. I am looking forward to being with you soon. This will be the last birthday you'll be celebrating without me. I am so proud of … Continue reading Happy Birthday, baby sister!

To My Guardian Angel

Hi Pops, It's so weird to find that missing you on occasions like these seem harder. But I'm happy to know that you're always there looking out for us from heaven. You'll be a granddad soon and everyone's excited about the arrival of my little princess. I will make sure to tell her great stories … Continue reading To My Guardian Angel

Fighting Inner Demons

  DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE seems to continue to plague the world. For some this may sound too much, but I urge you all to pay attention to what people are telling you everyday - be it through words or through actions. There's nothing shameful about being emphatic and sensitive towards others. Sometimes, a simple act … Continue reading Fighting Inner Demons

Living The World Of Criticism

Calmly dealing with criticism and the people who often give it unsolicitedly is a skill. Sometimes, we can't help but get feedback from people around us for the things we do and experience. But there are two kinds of criticism, one is constructive and the other one is negative. Let us note the difference between … Continue reading Living The World Of Criticism

A Month Ago

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our first month of being married. Everything flew by in a flash. I can still remember all the days we spent preparing stuff for our wedding. All the tight schedules and appointments, meeting with suppliers, waiting for the gowns and suits, not to mention, late night liquidation. It was … Continue reading A Month Ago