10 Most Important Life Lessons I’ve Learned While In My 20s


  1. Goals take time to complete. You’re not supposed to accomplish everything in an instant. What you do and what you want to do can fall into place when the timing is perfect. Time is your best asset.
  2. You don’t really know what you’re doing. Just have fun and never be afraid to fail. Life is about learning through experience. Fail often. Learn something new everyday. Be a good loser and then be a good winner. Then apply what your learned.
  3. Look people in the eye. It is essential to have the ability to give eye contact to someone as they speak. People nowadays tend to break their gaze during a conversation because of their phones. Giving someone a complete and undivided attention can make them feel important and respected.
  4. Sometimes it’s okay to give people second chances but not third. Sometimes second chances teach us that sometimes we can misjudge others. Our mistaken judgments occur when we are blinded by other’s flaws. However, a giving third chance for the same reason is often unacceptable. A person might have been complacent in doing something wrong because they have the idea of you forgiving them.
  5. Stay away from toxic people. Toxic people can sometimes sabotage your goal to self-improvement. Detach yourself with them and be with the people who values you as a person. It is a process but it can be done.
  6. Stay humble and kind. It is rewarding to stay grounded and surpassing someone’s ego. Although confidence is essential, humility and kindness is of the same importance. Remain true to your roots and of course, to yourself.
  7. Keep secrets. Life is more interesting when there’s mystery involved. You can’t just have an open book kind of life where anyone can know anything about you. Sometimes things must be kept to ourselves in order to have the sense of privacy and individuality.
  8. If you’re wrong, say sorry. Admitting that you committed a mistake is a kind of bravery that leads to self improvement. Apologizing validates the other person’s feelings and acknowledging the flaw you made or your role in a certain issue.
  9. Laugh. Aside from the medical benefits of laughing, one of the main reasons why I encourage people to laugh is for the simple reason of making them happy. Happiness suggests a deep importance to everyone. It helps us get by when things get rough. It is also a form of a universal communication that binds people everywhere.
  10. Always pray and be grateful. When things get rough, pray. When things are good, pray even more. We are blessed to witness everyday with open arms. It is essential that we express gratitude for all the answered prayers we received. It only takes few minutes of our time but the impact is huge and rewarding.


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It’s been 8 months since we started 2017. Many things have changed by now. And even though I am not really a fan of this month, I am very much excited to share with you my goals in high hopes that I will accomplish everything until the 31st.

  • Visit my sister in Lucena for at least 2 days.
  • Explore Baguio more. (Try Yes Pho and Unlimited Samgyeopsal)
  • Read 2 books.
  • Create a very sensible Spotify Playlist.
  • Write blog articles scheduled until next month.
  • Try intermittent fasting recommended by Doc Thea.
  • Watch Bates’ Motel or Breaking Bad.
  • See at least one movie from the theaters.

I am looking forward in accomplishing these goals. What do you want to accomplish? Let me know.



Managing Negative Feelings


  • Figure outwhat’s causing you to feel down.
  • Talk to someone whom you think will understand.
  • Learn to accept and understand the feeling that you have. This feeling can’t be considered right or wrong. It’s simply how you feel right now.
  • As much as possible, express your feelings in a safe, non-threatening way.
  • Related to this, think of ways to manage them effectively so that you don’t feel quite so bad, and so completely overwhelmed.
  • Avoid being with people who demand too much from you. Especially those who drain you emotionally. Being with them is not healthy.


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Appreciating Body Image


  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Do FOCUS on the things you LIKE about YOURSELF.
  • Remind yourself that beauty is a state of mind, not a state of your body.
  • You don’t need validation from anyone else to feel good about yourself.
  • Appreciate all that your body can do.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that will make you feel good about your body.
  • Nobody is perfect. So embrace the fact that you are flawed and love the things that make you unique.
  • Understand that the things we see on print and television have been altered to perfection. Everything is NOT as it seems.
  • Shut down those voices in your head that tell you your body is not right or that you are a bad person.


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Coffee Talk: Fighting Inadequacy


Inadequacy is the root of low self-esteem. It is all about the standards and expectations we set for ourselves. We’re our worst critics. Other people don’t expect as much of us than we do of ourselves. It’s one big mind game. And to win over this game, I have some tips on how to outsmart yourself out of inadequacy.

  • Believe in yourself. You are your greatest sidekick.
  • Take in all the advice your friends give you. If they are your real friends, they will let you know what they think about you. Don’t set their comments aside. It might help you improve yourself.
  • Know your strengths and embrace them. Take time to develop those traits.
  • Don’t be envious of others can do. Everyone is a unique individual. Do not set aside your own strengths.
  • Open yourself to the difference between suffering and failure. This is how we learn. Never forget that you are only a human being that is prone to committing mistake.
  • Record your improvement and give some credit to yourself. Look back and see your progress. This will be rewarding.

Shoving off Bad Vibes.



Feeling stress? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes being so stressed out makes us grumpy. But some days, your independent brain decides that it’s in a bad mood. So here are simple ways to beat the vibes away.

  • Be thankful for your day. Having a bad day doesn’t mean you are not blessed with a day to cherish.
  • Decide that you want to be happy. Your mood is a state of mind and happiness is a choice. Make your decision count.
  • Smile. If you find it hard to do so, fake it. Nothing is more cliche’ than the quote “Fake it til you make it” right?
  • Find something around you to laugh about. Make yourself feel great. A little laugh won’t harm you.
  • Dance. Move your body. Shake some bones and twist that hips.
  • Listen to some feel-good music. It will help you change the mood of your day.

Face to Face with Loneliness.


There are times when we feel lonely but unsure as to why we feel that way. Sometimes, we cannot help but waking up at the wrong side of the bed feeling stressed out, tired and clueless about what is happening around us. But as it happens, we also think of how to make it stop. Feeling lonely is tiring. You can be fed up with the thought of not doing anything to stop it. But what if we can? What if we can deal with loneliness face to face? How are we going to do it? Let us both try to discover how to get away with it by becoming aware of the feeling.

  1. Personally know that difference with being lonely and needing some alone time. Sometimes, if we are used to being with people, a sudden change of environment may be strange. However, being all by yourself doesn’t mean you are lonely. Being alone is a state of being while loneliness is a state of mind. Loneliness is a constant dull feeling that resonates all throughout the day.
  2. Open up to someone you can trust. Share them your thoughts. Talking to someone can make a huge difference. Being heard and being understood is better than feeling unwanted and abandoned.
  3. Hang-out with people. Exposing yourself to the crowd will help you gain self-confidence. Being busy will help you forget being lonely. Plus, you will be able to discover your own taste and interest through socializing.
  4. Take the initiative to set plans for you and your friends. Go out and have a drink, watch a movie or hang-out. Don’t wait your friends to do it for you. I am certain that you will have fun.