Saving Yourself From Suicidal Thoughts and Feeling Of Depression

  Having suicidal thoughts and feeling of depression is something not everyone can escape. Once the severe feeling of despondency sips right through our mind and body, we will have that certain thoughts about self-harm and assume that the agony will never end. BUT, keep in mind that there's nothing constant in this world except change. … Continue reading Saving Yourself From Suicidal Thoughts and Feeling Of Depression


Building Emotional Pliancy

  Sharing how we feel helps to reduce the inner tension. It is also important to make sure it is someone who cares about your feelings.   Improve your self-esteem. Work on the way you see and feel about yourself. Be aware that there are lots of things that undermine our self-esteem. It’s important that … Continue reading Building Emotional Pliancy

Handling Quarter Life Crisis

  Quarter life crisis is a period of mental collapsed occurring in one's twenties. Often times it is caused by a person's inability to function outside a structured environment coupled with the realization of one's essential loneliness in the world.   HOW TO HANDLE QUARTER LIFE CRISIS. Ask yourself these questions. What makes me happy? … Continue reading Handling Quarter Life Crisis

Managing Negative Feelings

Figure outwhat's causing you to feel down. Talk to someone whom you think will understand. Learn to accept and understand the feeling that you have. This feeling can't be considered right or wrong. It's simply how you feel right now. As much as possible, express your feelings in a safe, non-threatening way. Related to this, … Continue reading Managing Negative Feelings