Coffee Talk: Nurturing Your Creativity

Everyone of us is creative in our own special ways. But most of us needs a boost and still craves for inspiration. Normally, the inspiration is not that easy to find. Especially if you don't know where to start looking. As much as we thought that inspiration can be found around us, we tend to … Continue reading Coffee Talk: Nurturing Your Creativity


The Housewife Apprentice: Menudo

  Menudo is another tomato based / red sauce viand popular to the Philippines. This kind of dish same with afritada and callos are being served during special ocassions and town fiestas. Normally. the stew comes with pork liver and mixed vegetables. If differs regarding to your preferrence. Unlike the Mexican dish with the same … Continue reading The Housewife Apprentice: Menudo

WanderWoman: Debunking Explorer’s Travel Wisdom

  Traveling is a great way of reaching out to the world. However, as many people are engaged into wandering around, not all of them have the guts to freely explore the places they visit. Most people rely on planned trips, organized travel packages, and strict itineraries. This habit limits their capabilities to fully learn … Continue reading WanderWoman: Debunking Explorer’s Travel Wisdom

Basic Guide: The Konmari Method

Marie Kondo, an organizing consultant, is the brain behind the life-changing hacks in tidying up called the Konmari Method. This method simplifies everyday living without complications, hardships and clutter. The "Konverts", Marie Kondo's followers, proudly share their experiences on following this method on the internet. Their goal is to inspire others on how to be … Continue reading Basic Guide: The Konmari Method

Happy Birthday, baby sister!

  Happy Birthday to my bestfriend, confidant and loving sister. I'd leave no room for sappy messages because you are already aware of how much I love and miss you. I am looking forward to being with you soon. This will be the last birthday you'll be celebrating without me. I am so proud of … Continue reading Happy Birthday, baby sister!

The Housewife Apprentice: Pork Sinigang

    Pork Sinigang or Pork in Tamarind broth is a famous Filipino dish that is considered a staple especially for gloomy days. It has a sour broth made from tamarind extract and a slightly thick consistency because of the taro. The dish has an overwhelming vegetable ensemble that compliments the pork. And since, the … Continue reading The Housewife Apprentice: Pork Sinigang

To My Guardian Angel

Hi Pops, It's so weird to find that missing you on occasions like these seem harder. But I'm happy to know that you're always there looking out for us from heaven. You'll be a granddad soon and everyone's excited about the arrival of my little princess. I will make sure to tell her great stories … Continue reading To My Guardian Angel