Ego – Strokers To Butter Your Man Up

Here are five gestures that will make your guy feel special. Remember, it's the little things that make guys feel appreciated. Give compliments about his looks. Even just a simple "You look sexy" is generic. But letting him know makes him feel like you notice little nuances about him. Make him feel that he takes … Continue reading Ego – Strokers To Butter Your Man Up


Motherhood: My First Trimester

During the first couple of weeks of my pregnancy, I was completely unaware that a baby will eventually grow inside my tummy. I wasn't alarmed of the fact that my period got delayed because it's not the first time that it happened. However, when I reached the third week, I started to feel something different. … Continue reading Motherhood: My First Trimester

How to deal with haters online.

It is no secret that people can get vicious on social media. Some people just want to hate you even without knowing you. But how to we really deal with them? Here are some tips that might just help you out: Be with your support team - Always keep in mind that the people who know … Continue reading How to deal with haters online.

Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

Make a plan for your day. Go for a walk. Declutter stuff (at least 1 everyday). Drink Water as soon as you wake up. Work out until you sweat. Go to bed early. Do one thing you've been putting off. Reflect daily. Make bed as soon as I woke up. Express Gratitude.   Until next … Continue reading Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

10 Most Important Life Lessons I’ve Learned While In My 20s

Goals take time to complete. You're not supposed to accomplish everything in an instant. What you do and what you want to do can fall into place when the timing is perfect. Time is your best asset. You don't really know what you're doing. Just have fun and never be afraid to fail. Life is … Continue reading 10 Most Important Life Lessons I’ve Learned While In My 20s

Things I Do Before Bedtime

I always look forward to bedtime. Everyone does. Right? And to be honest, after a long day at work, sleeping is the best remedy for my tired body. I sleep during the day since my shift starts at midnight. It's not that easy you know. Scorching heat. Too much light. 5 hours straight of undisturbed … Continue reading Things I Do Before Bedtime

Leaving Home.

How do u cope when you have to leave behind everything you've known? How will you find the courage to call a new city or country home? It's often said that you can probably find a Filipino in every country in the world. It's no longer unusual to hear that one of your friends is … Continue reading Leaving Home.