WanderWoman: Sagada Ep. 1 (How To Get There)

Sagada is a small tranquil town from the Mountain province. Nestled in a cool and quiet valley, it is one of the most amazing places in the Philippines. This town is perfect for outdoors  and scenic fascination. Rich in cultural and natural heritage, this place is an escape from the city life. HOW TO GET … Continue reading WanderWoman: Sagada Ep. 1 (How To Get There)



You can never be too comfortable especially when period week is fast approaching. And as a woman who's always on the go, we always like to anticipate the worst that could happen. You know that it pays to be prepared on all fronts. We can never tell when an emergency period pouch comes in handy. … Continue reading WHAT’S INSIDE MY PERIOD POUCH?

The 2018 Panagbenga Experience

Panagbenga Festival is the country's most sought- after festival that occurs every February in Baguio City. The term Panagbenga is a Kankanaey word meaning "season of blooming". This annual festivity is a tribute of the city to their majestic flowers and the rise of it's people from the earthquake that devastated the region last 1990. … Continue reading The 2018 Panagbenga Experience

WanderWoman: Tips On How To Travel On A Budget.

Being out and about is fun. You get to discover the different places, food and culture around you. It's even more fun when you can do all of these in a budget-friendly way.  Here are some low-cost tips you need to check out before traveling anywhere. Look for free walking tours. - You can enjoy … Continue reading WanderWoman: Tips On How To Travel On A Budget.

Celebrating Life With My Baguio Fam!

Last weekend, Paolo and I went out to celebrate one of our friends birthday. It was a simple morning brunch after church packed with good stories and some photos. We started our day at around 12 noon. We picked up Dharlyn at her place then went to La Casa Bianca to fetch others.     … Continue reading Celebrating Life With My Baguio Fam!

WanderWoman: My Travel Bucketlist

Hello everyone! Since I've been rummaging through some of my travel essentials lately and planning to renew my passport soon. I decided to create a blog that will feature my ultimate travel destinations, perfect for my entire lifetime. These places are subject to change (might add some more). But as early as now, I would love to take … Continue reading WanderWoman: My Travel Bucketlist

WanderWoman: Getting around Hanoi

Hello everyone! This is my third WanderWoman post about my Hanoi trip. I am very much excited to show you fragments of Hanoi through local transport. Vietnamese people have several ways to roam around and they're not just about cabs and buses. Let me show you different ways to explore the country (some in three … Continue reading WanderWoman: Getting around Hanoi